Crushed olives with Eggplant

Origin: Calabria Region
Available weights: 250 g. - 450 g. - 4000 g.

In this case, the olives are harvested and crushed in order to allow the original brine reaching the center of the fruit and then get a natural sweetening, they are left to ferment for 7-8 months; upon reaching maturity are then packaged according to typical recipe from Calabria with spices and natural flavors. Excellent for cold dishes, salads and appetizers.

Source : Region Calabria
Available weights: 250 g. - 450 g. - 4000 g.

The Olive.r was born in Rome in 1985 by a group of professionals, specialists in the field, with the aim of promoting the consumption of table olives, in particular the Italian product.

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